State of the Art for Landslides Along the North Bulgarian Black Sea Coast

  • Boyko BerovEmail author
  • Plamen Ivanov
  • Nikolai Dobrev
  • Rosen Nankin
  • Miroslav Krastanov


The Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast is about 100 km strip that almost along its entire length is affected by landslides. Тhese landslides are irregularly distributed in four landslide areas. Most of the landslides are complex and deep-seated. The present article analyses the old and recent sliding phenomena along the coastal zone in this part of Bulgaria. The analysis of the structures of the landslides along the Northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast gives the reason to considerate the earthquakes as one of the main factors that activate their creation and their periodical reactivation. The other factors are the slow tectonic movements, the fluctuation of groundwater level during rainfalls or snow melting, the abrasion and different types of man-made impacts that contribute to decreasing of slope stability along the coast line.


Seismicity Landslides Coastal area 


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  • Boyko Berov
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    Email author
  • Plamen Ivanov
    • 1
  • Nikolai Dobrev
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  • Rosen Nankin
    • 1
  • Miroslav Krastanov
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  1. 1.Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Department of GeohazardsGeological InstituteSofiaBulgaria

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