Experimental Approach for Stability Evaluations of Carrara Marble Basins

  • Domenico GullìEmail author
  • Maura Pellegri
  • Alessandro Cortopassi


Because of the modern exploitation technologies for marble extraction, the open pit and underground quarries can quickly reach impressive sizes. Moreover the selection of exploited material or the geostructural conditions of the site can produce excavation with unusual and irregular shapes. Also for these reasons the appropriate design of the excavations, for quarrying activities, should require the knowledge of mechanical behaviour of the rock mass, of geo-structural conditions and of in situ stress. The main purpose of the quarry project should be to prevent instability of the rock mass, in every step of the foreseen exploitation. The lack of this specific technical evaluation contributed in the past to the development of large rock slide. The paper presents an applied approach for enhancing stability assessment and safety controls of marble quarries.


Safety Stability analysis In situ stress Brittle structures Numerical models 



The Region of Tuscany (Italy) supported this work. The research has been performed with the contribution of the CNR-IGAG (Geo-Eng. Inst. of Turin), the CNR-IGG (Geo-Science Inst. of Pisa), the DCE-UNIPA (Civ. Eng. Dep. of University of Parma) and the CGT (University of Siena). We acknowledge the cooperation of owners and workers of investigated quarries.


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  • Domenico Gullì
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    Email author
  • Maura Pellegri
    • 1
  • Alessandro Cortopassi
    • 1
  1. 1.Operative Unit of Mining Engineering (U.O.I.M.) AUSL 1Regione ToscanaCarraraItaly

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