Features of DNA Signals Codistribution in High-Content Screening of Drug-Induced Demethylation in Cancer Cells

  • Arkadiusz Gertych
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The main aim of this work is to introduce new features for the automated evaluation of fluorescence signals of methylated and global DNA, to quickly and objectively measure changes resulting from a demethylating anti-cancer drug application in cell nuclei. Drug response can be monitored in a high-content fashion by means of three dimensional (3-D) image cytometry. This technique enables extraction of basic DNA signal intensities that can be converted to more sophisticated features such as a codistribution and its derivatives. In this work, a slope of nuclear DNA codistribution patterns extracted from individual cells, and whole cell populations and divergences between DNA codistributions of untreated as well as drug treated cells were analysed. A progressive decrease of the slope and an increase of the divergence observed for low drug concentrations suggest that these features can be essential for high-content screening of agents with demethylating potency.


high-content screening bioimage informatics DNA methylation demethylating drugs quantitative immunofluorescence 


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