High Definition Product Lifecycle Management an Immersive Decision Making Environment

  • Carsten BurchardtEmail author
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This paper describes High-Definition PLM (HD-PLM), Siemens PLM Software’s vision for supporting companies make smarter decisions that result in better products. Working from the knowledge that companies in all industries are faced with increased complexity in both products and processes, HD-PLM vision builds on three core concepts: intelligently integrated information, a future-proof architecture, and a high-definition user experience. The High-Definition PLM vision enables decision makers throughout the product lifecycle to make better informed decisions more efficiently and with a higher level of confidence. This paper explains the network of technologies and capabilities to achieve a defined set of strategic objectives and the technology foundation of the core HD-PLM concept. The basics and environment are described and how HD-PLM supports a cross-domain decision making by uniting users with the people, tools and precise product-related information they need to intelligently evaluate decision alternatives.


HD-PLM immersive decision making environment complexity product lifecycle management 


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