Enhancing Interpretation-Quality of Requirements Using PLM Integrated Requirements-Communication in Cross Company Development Processes

  • Martin RebelEmail author
  • Jörg W. Fischer
  • Armin Haße
  • Cees Michielsen
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Production Engineering book series (LNPE)


Fulfilling customer requirements significantly influences product success. Improving the quality of documentation is a primary objective of requirements engineering and management. Despite properly outlined requirements however, it is very common that mistakes emerge throughout the product development lifecycle due to diverging interpretations. Because if this enhancing the quality of requirements documentation to ensure a common understanding is increasingly the focus of quality improvement considerations. In response to this need, an approach was developed which uses Secure Information Transformation from Input to Output (SITIO) as an aspect of PLM integrated requirements management to provide a sustainable enhancement of interpretation-quality through linguistic pragmatics.


Requirements Management Quality PLM Product Lifecycle Management SITIO 


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  • Armin Haße
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