Design of Reconfigurable Automotive Framing System

  • Abdo Al-ZaherEmail author
  • Waguih ElMaraghy
  • Z. J. Pasek
  • Hoda ElMaraghy
Part of the Lecture Notes in Production Engineering book series (LNPE)


This research introduces new systematic methods dealing with a complete end-to-end design process to production systems, where the uncertainty of product variety is mapped to product attributes and manufacturing processes, then mapped into a manufacturing and production line using product decomposition into systems, sub-systems, and modular assembly. Graph network (NW), change propagation index (CPI) and hybrid design structure matrix (HDSM) were introduced to: (1) establish connectivity between sub-systems (modules) before mapping design changes, (2) measure the degree of changes to the state of systems due to changes propagated through the entire systems, (3) estimate how much embedded flexibility is needed for these elements (design variables) to absorb future changes. A practical example of actual production systems was presented. Hybrid Design Structure Matrix (HDSM) is used to transmit knowledge gained, detailing design of production systems.


Reconfigurable manufacturing systems Automotive framing systems Design methodology Digital manufacturing 


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  • Abdo Al-Zaher
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    Email author
  • Waguih ElMaraghy
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  • Z. J. Pasek
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  • Hoda ElMaraghy
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  1. 1.Industrial and Manufacturing Systems EngineeringUniversity of WindsorWindsorCanada

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