Smart Engineering for Smart Products

  • Reiner AnderlEmail author
  • André Picard
  • Katharina Albrecht
Part of the Lecture Notes in Production Engineering book series (LNPE)


Smart Engineering aims at a new approach for describing, designing and dimensioning Smart Products. Design methodology is far advanced and provides both a systematic approach to develop new products as well as appropriate methods to support development tasks in specific development phases. Within this development process the communication capabilities of Smart Products, the structure of communication among Smart Products as well as executing functional operations triggered by communicated messages is not described yet.

This new approach for the description of Smart Products introduces products’ states specification to derive the description of functional behavior as well as the execution of working procedures. In this contribution a basic systematic analysis of both sensors for communication and internet based communication protocols is presented to enable appropriate products’ states. Based on this analysis a framework approach for processing events will be presented. The Smart Engineering approach will be demonstrated finally within an application scenario.


Smart Engineering Smart Products Cross-Product Communication 


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  • Reiner Anderl
    • 1
    Email author
  • André Picard
    • 1
  • Katharina Albrecht
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  1. 1.Department of Computer Integrated DesignTechnische Universität DarmstadtDarmstadtGermany

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