Multiple Sound Sources Localization in Real Time Using Acoustic Vector Sensor

  • Józef Kotus
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 287)


Method and preliminary results of multiple sound sources localization in real time using the acoustic vector sensor were presented in this study. Direction of arrival (DOA) for considered source was determined based on sound intensity method supported by Fourier analysis. Obtained spectrum components for considered signal allowed to determine the DOA value for the particular frequency independently. The accuracy of the developed and practically implemented algorithm was evaluated on the basis of laboratory tests. Both synthetic acoustic signals (pure tones and noises) and real sounds were used during the measurements. Real signals had the same or different spectral energy distribution both on time and frequency domain. The setup of the experiment and obtained results were described in details in the text. Taking obtained results into consideration is important to emphasize that the localization of the multiple sound sources using single acoustic vector sensor is possible. The localization accuracy was the best for signals which spectral energy distribution was different.


sound detection sound source localization audio surveillance 


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