Cooperative Database Caching within Cloud Environments

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Semantic caching is a technique used for optimizing the evaluation of database queries by caching results of old queries and using them when answering new queries. CoopSC is a cooperative database caching architecture, which extends the classic semantic caching approach by allowing clients to share their local caches in a cooperative matter. Thus, this approach decreases the response time of database queries and the amount of data sent by database server, because the server only answers those parts of queries that are not available in the cooperative cache. Since most cloud providers charge in a “pay-per-use” matter the amount of transferred data between the cloud environment and the outside world, using such a cooperative caching approach within cloud environmnents presents additional economical advantages. This paper studies possible use-cases of CoopSC within real-world cloud environment and outlines both the technical and economical gains.


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  2. 2.Blaise Pascal University, LIMOSFrance

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