Forces with a Common Point of Application

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  • Werner Hauger
  • Jörg Schröder
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Objectives: In this chapter, systems of concentrated forces that have a common point of application are investigated. Such forces are called concurrent forces. Note that forces always act on a body; there are no forces without action on a body. In the case of a rigid body, the forces acting on it do not have to have the same point of application; it is sufficient that their lines of action intersect at a common point. Since in this case the force vectors are sliding vectors, they may be applied at any point along their lines of action without changing their effect on the body (principle of transmissibility). If all the forces acting on a body act in a plane, they are called coplanar forces.

Students will learn in this chapter how to determine the resultant of a system of concurrent forces and how to resolve force vectors into given directions. They will also learn how to correctly isolate the body under consideration and draw a free-body diagram, in order to be able to formulate the conditions of equilibrium.


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