Biaxial Tripod MEMS Mirror and Omnidirectional Lens for a Low Cost Wide Angle Laser Range Sensor

  • Ulrich HofmannEmail author
  • Mika Aikio


Low cost laser scanners for environment perception are a need to facilitate ADAS integration into all vehicle segments. To fulfill the need for mass-producible compact low cost laser range sensors MEMS mirrors in combination with replicable low cost plastic optics are expected to be suitable components. This paper describes concept, design, fabrication and first measurement results of a compact omnidirectional scanning system based on an omnidirectional lens and a biaxial large aperture tripod MEMS mirror. A hermetic vacuum wafer level packaging process of the resonant MEMS mirror is essential to meet automotive requirements and to achieve the required large total optical scan angles of 60 degrees in both scan axes.


laser scanner MEMS mirror vacuum package electrostatic drive tripod design time of flight omnidirectional lens 


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