New Concepts of High Current Sensing by Using Active Semiconductors for the Energy Management in Automotive Applications

  • Klaus RinkEmail author
  • Wolfgang Jöckel
Conference paper


Monitoring the state of charge of batteries in start-stop, hybrid- and electrical vehicles makes precise current sensing one of the key functions of today’s and future car architectures. Huge required measurement ranges of up to ±600A conflict with fine resolution and high precision requirements - which currently could only be solved by using high performance shunts in connection with specialized ICs offering highest resolution ADCs. The invention follows the approach of a variable, percentage resolution, offering required fine resolution at low currents and the minimum required resolution at high currents. A realization approach using state-of-the-art MOSFET technology and innovative control loop design with a standard μC is presented.


battery management state of charge current sensor shunt MOSFET variable resolution 


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