Overall Probabilistic Framework for Modeling and Analysis of Intersection Situations

  • Galia WeidlEmail author
  • Gabi Breuel


We propose a system design for preventive traffic safety in general intersection situations involving all present traffic participants (vehicles and vulnerable road users) in the context of their environment and traffic rules. It exploits the developed overall probabilistic framework for modeling and analysis of intersection situations under uncertainties in the scene, in measured data or in communicated information. It proposes OOBN modeling for the cognitive assessment of potential and real danger in intersection situations and presents schematically an algorithm for multistage cognitive situation assessment. A concept for the interaction between situation assessment and the proposed Proactive coaching Safety Assistance System (PaSAS) is outlined. The assessment of danger in a situation development serves as a filter for the output and intensity of HMI-signals for directing driver’s attention to essentials.


situation analysis context risk preventive safety maneuver intention threat assessment 


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Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF.

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  1. 1.Group Research & Advanced Engineering Situation Analysis, Driver Assistance and Safety Systems Dept. GR/PAA; HPC - Abt: 059 - G023 - 050Daimler AGSindelfingenGermany

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