Mechanical Interactions

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Interaction simulations of body support devices generated in Chap. 4 and human Boss-Models as introduced in Chap. 5 are presented. The effects of body supports on tissue, in terms of internal tissue stress and strain, are evaluated. After the pressure sore problem is discussed, finite element model verifications are presented based on the interaction simulation of a human buttocks model and a soft foam support (Sect. 6.2). Finite element analysis of elastic and viscoelastic interaction between human Boss-Models and comfort and anti-pressure sore supports as well as automotive and aircraft seats (Sect. 6.3) are described. Tissue stress and strain distribution at various contact body sites at the skin level and the fat–muscle interface and at the bone surface are evaluated and compared. Simulation results are compared to findings provided in the literature (Sect. 6.4).


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