New Venture Creation in Social Media Platform; Towards a Framework for Media Entrepreneurship

  • Datis KhajeheianEmail author
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Media is one of the most important agency of influence on minds, thus it is not surprising if plays a deterministic role in entrepreneurship development in societies. The chapter focuses on Media Entrepreneurship as a modern consequence of digital media technologies and acceptance of entrepreneurship as an economic school in many societies. Following a concise literature review on Media Entrepreneurship, the concept defines and then social media investigated as a fair platform to foster entrepreneurial activities. Based on to the research conducted in Iranian media entrepreneurs, a five categorical framework has been proposed consist of four controllable classes of factors; product-related, strategy-related, enterprise-related and resource-related factors and one environmental; consist of infrastructural-related factors. The chapter concluded that social media is an opportunity for economic growth in developing countries, but they need to develop business attitude and knowledge in the first step. The proposed framework prepared a tool to create a balance among different aspects and provide a basis for next studies in media entrepreneurship.


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