Mathematical SETI

Part of the series Springer Praxis Books pp 393-407


Extragalactic Internet by black hole gravitational lensing

  • Claudio MacconeAffiliated withInternational Academy of Astronautics and Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica Email author 

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In two recent papers [1, 2] the author proved that radio communications between any pair of stars within our Galaxy are feasible with modest transmitted powers if the gravitational lenses of both stars are exploited. In this chapter we extend those innovative results to the case of radio communications between nearby galaxies. We show that radio communications between galaxies may become feasible if supermassive black holes, usually located at the center of galaxies, are exploited as gravitational lenses. In other words, a massive black hole may be regarded as a huge focusing device for radio waves being transmitted out of that galaxy and/or being received from another galaxy.