Research on Bottom Blowing Converter System

  • Xiaoxia GuoEmail author
  • Xianke Wang
  • Risheng Sun
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2x100 ton converters are built in a steel plant. In order to improve the quality of steel, Thyssen Bottom Metallurgy (TBM) technology is used. The TBM process was developed at ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG oxygen steelmaking shops. Products range from plain low carbon steels to sophisticated alloyed grades. Superior to the conventional oxygen steelmaking processes, during the refining period pure oxygen is blown onto the surface of the metal bath in the converter by way of a lance with several apertures at its tip, which is positioned above the bath. At the same time, throughout the entire process, stirring gases (argon or nitrogen) are introduced according to a pre-set schedule into the bath through numerous tuyeres installed in the converter bottom. Results of the application show that the process offers possibilities for improving the quality of steel. Moreover, it is characterised by a remarkable flexibility regarding local plant conditions and steel grades to be produced.


Thyssen Bottom Metallurgy Bottom blowing PLC Control system 


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