Design Research on LTCC Band Pass Filter

  • Nan HeEmail author
  • Huan Sha
  • Yuanchun Fei
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 134)


With the development trend of modern wireless communications products’ miniaturization and high-performance, it makes corresponding requests on the design and research of microwave filter. Current study focuses on how to achieve high-performance filter with a smaller dimension. Apply LTCC technology to realize the lumped element-based microwave filter, so as to meet the high-performance requirements within a smaller dimension; this is the development trend of the filter and other passive components integration. This article use LTCC technology to research and analyze the design method for band pass filter, which is commonly used in microwave components. For the filter, establish a circuit model with network analysis method, introduce the transmission zeros according to the needs, and finally design the band pass filter with high-performance and smaller dimension.


LTCC band pass filter design 


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