Phase-Locked Loop in Constant Speed Control System for the Flywheel Motor

  • Zhang JiaweiEmail author
  • Zhao Hui
  • Ma Kemao
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 129)


As high-speed flywheel system is hardly controlled by traditional methods. Mathematics of a phase-locked loop flywheel control system is modeled based on the basic principle of the 10-state phase-locked loop, Phase-locked loop control system simulation model are built on the Matlab platform, lower speed limit of the system is analyzed. Then, a 10-state digital Phase-locked loop chip UC3633 is introduced; the brushless direct current motor control system is designed and realized. The hardware experimental results show that the system can be locked at the two given speeds: 732.0rpm and 915.5rpm, with speed steady-state error being less than 0.1%. The experimental results are consistent with the theoretical analyses. Finally, lower speed limit of the hardware system is given.


phase-locked loop 10-state phase detector flywheel control system constant-speed 


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