Enthalpy of formation of N-U (nitrogen-uranium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the enthalpy of formation of N-U (nitrogen-uranium) system.


Katsura et al. [98Kat] have investigated thoroughly the formation of α-U2N3+x starting from metallic U with a mixture of N2 and H2. The reaction takes place even at 570 K.

In a thermodynamic study Nakagawa et al. [98Nak] have determined N2 pressure-composition isotherms at temperatures between 670 K and 1170 K for the single phase α-U2N3+x. From results obtained the authors calculated the partial molar free energy, enthalpy and entropy as a function of N2 content.

The enthalpy of formation of UN has been estimated by Suzuki et al. [98Suz] on the basis of mass spectrometric experiments to be about ΔHS = −296 kJ mol−1 (see also [75Ack]).

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integral enthalpy of formation of a solid alloy


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