Phase diagram of Mo-Ru (molybdenum-ruthenium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the phase diagram of Mo-Ru (molybdenum-ruthenium) system.

Phase Diagram

Gürler [99Gür] has investigated the phase equilibria at temperatures between 970 K and 1470 K. The results obtained are plotted in Fig. 1. They used ultra-rapidly solidification of the samples. In thus prepared alloys using heat treatment very rapidly the equilibrium could be achieved. The calculated solubility data are rather similar to experimentally found ones.
Fig. 1

Mo-Ru. Partial phase diagram of the Mo-Ru system [99Gür]

Crystal Structure

The lattice constants for heat-treated samples are in good agreement with those found previously [Landolt–Börnstein].


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