Enthalpy of formation of Mn-Zr (manganese-zirconium) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the enthalpy of formation of Mn2Zr.


The standard enthalpy of formation of Mn2Zr has been calculated from results of vapour pressure measurements (Smetana et al. [70Sme]). The value obtained amounts to
$$ \triangle {\mathrm{H}}_{298}^{\mathrm{S}}=-16.33\mathrm{kJg}\pm 5\mathrm{kJg}-{\mathrm{atom}}^{-1}. $$
whereas Flandorfer et al. [97Fla] recommend the value
$$ \triangle {\mathrm{H}}_{298}^{\mathrm{S}}=-40\mathrm{kJg}-{\mathrm{atom}}^{-1}. $$
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integral enthalpy of formation of a solid alloy


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