Crystal structure of Mg-Sn (magnesium-tin) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the crystal structure and lattice constant of Mg9Sn5.

Crystal Structure

The phase Mg9Sn5 have been prepared from elements at high pressure and high temperature and quenching to ambient conditions and was carried out from Range et al. [96Ran]. Its structure is trigonal. Lattice constants are:

a = 1.3222 nm and

c = 1.3150 nm.

Symbols and abbreviations

Short form

Full form

a, b, c

lattice parameters


  1. [96Ran]
    Range, K.-J., Grosch, G.H., Andratschke, M.: J. Alloys Comp. 244 (1996) 170CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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