Unit cell volume of Lu-S (lutetium-sulphur) system

  • F. Predel
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This chapter provides the unit cell volume of Lu2S3.

Phase Diagram

[00Grz] has investigated the crystal structure of Lu2S3 with X-ray diffractography at pressures up to 23 GPa. The corundum structure ( \( \mathrm{R}\overline{3}\mathrm{c} \) ) transforms reversible in the Th3P4 structure (I43d) at > 5.0 GPa. Fig. 1 shows this at the example of the unit cell volume of Lu2S3 as a function of pressure.
Fig. 1

Lu-S. Unit cell volume of Lu2S3 as a function of pressure [00Grz]


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    Grzechnik, A.: J. Alloys Comp. 299 (2000) 137CrossRefGoogle Scholar

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