Contact with Adhesion

  • Michel FrémondEmail author
Part of the Lecture Notes of the Unione Matematica Italiana book series (UMILN, volume 13)


Let us consider two solidsΩ1 and Ω2 glued on one another on their contact surface Г. In order to take into account the adhesive properties of the glue which result from fibers connecting the contact surfaces and breaking progressively, Fig. 7.1, [57, 78], we choose as state quantity the surface fraction of active glue fibers, β (x, t), [31,58, 66,75,81,104,106–108,168,180,187,204,206].When β (x, t) = 0 all the glue fibers are broken and Signorini contact properties are valid: the interactions of the two solids result only from the impenetrability condition, [11, 97, 161, 182, 199].


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