Design for Improving the Performance of a Control Valve in a Variable Compressor

  • Yong-Joo LeeEmail author
  • Geon-Ho Lee
  • Byeong-Eun Lim
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This is the study on design of a control valve for the control of the variable capacity compressor. The theoretical and numerical analysis was performed for solenoid interpretation and compared with experimental results. Maxwell program was used for numerical analysis of the solenoid. The air flow in the control valve was analysed as a mathematical model and verified through experiments. Through the interpretation of the correlation of input current and suction pressure, major factors affecting the compressor have been identified. To improve the performance of the compressor in main parameters; bellows, diameter of the sleeve, and electromagnetic forces can be changed in the control valve.


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  1. 1.Doowon Technical UniversityAn-sung CityKorea Republic
  2. 2.Doowon Electronic CompanyA-san CityKorea Republic

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