Development Strategy for Demand of ICTs in Business- Teaching of New and Old Regional Comprehensive Higher Education Institutes

  • Hong Liu
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 236)


In China, many regional higher education institutes (mainly be regional university) are believed as catalyst for the economic progress (especial for commerce), have been founded from 1998. From 2006, most of those regional higher education institutes promoted to be new comprehensive regional higher education institutes (CRHEIs) in succession. Now more and more students studying in those CRHEIs, and then the quality of teaching should be improved. In this paper, we analyses ICT (Information and communication technology)–based teaching and learning issues at CRHEIs level and old regional higher education institutes (OHEIs, mainly be regional university) level. Using normative Delphi method, we discussed ICT-based issues and get that ICT integration in CRHE and ORHE and get that CRHE need to be in lined with proper strategy in order to get their true benefits.


ZPD incidence development strategy ICT comprehensive regional higher education 


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