Optimal Location of Gas Supply Units in Natural Gas System Network

  • Teresa NogueiraEmail author
  • Zita Vale
Part of the Energy Systems book series (ENERGY)


Natural gas industry has been confronted with big challenges: great growth in demand, investments on new GSUs – gas supply units, and efficient technical system management. The right number of GSUs, their best location on networks and the optimal allocation to loads is a decision problem that can be formulated as a combinatorial programming problem, with the objective of minimizing system expenses. Our emphasis is on the formulation, interpretation and development of a solution algorithm that will analyze the trade-off between infrastructure investment expenditure and operating system costs. The location model was applied to a 12 node natural gas network, and its effectiveness was tested in five different operating scenarios.


Constrained capacities Fixed costs Gas supply units GSU Natural gas Optimal location Optimization Transportation costs 


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