Photoluminescence: A Tool for Investigating Optical, Electronic, and Structural Properties of Semiconductors

  • G. Pettinari
  • A. Polimeni
  • M. CapizziEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 150)


Theoretical basis and typical experimental setups of photoluminescence, PL, are briefly described. The investigation by PL of some of the fundamental properties of compound semiconductors and alloys—e.g., optical gap, type and density of shallow impurities, effects of structural disorder in alloys and at heterostructure interfaces, and carrier effective masses—is illustrated. The effects on PL spectra of magnetic fields are discussed, together with the validity limits of perturbation and numerical models for different ratios of magnetic and excitonic energies.


Landau Level Exciton Binding Energy Free Exciton Electron Effective Mass Degenerate Semiconductor 
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We would like to acknowledge many colleagues with whom we collaborated on the topics presented in this chapter. First of all, we are grateful to F. Martelli and A. Patanè for their valuable contribution to the studies presented in the first section of this chapter. We gratefully acknowledge the fruitful collaboration with M. Felici, F. Masia, and R. Trotta on the magneto-PL investigations presented in the second section of this chapter. We also wish to thank S. Rubini, F. Martelli, and V. Lebedev for providing the samples described. High magnetic field (30 T) measurements were performed at the High Field Magnet Laboratory by the support of EuroMagNET under the EU contract 228043 (Nijmegen, The Netherlands) and we appreciate local support from J. C. Maan and P. C. M. Christianen. Finally, it is our pleasure to acknowledge the COST Action MP0805.


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