Hot Electron Energy and Momentum Relaxation

  • Naci BalkanEmail author
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This chapter reviews common techniques used to determine the energy and momentum relaxation rates of hot carriers in semiconductors where the carrier heating is achieved by either the application of an electrical field or optical excitation. Steady-state spectral techniques aim at determining the carrier temperature as a function of the optical or electrical power. Transient measurements provide the relaxation rates via probing the time evolution of the hot carrier population.


Applied Electric Field Acoustic Phonon Lattice Temperature Multiple Quantum Well Electron Drift Velocity 
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I am grateful to my students, Y. Sun, R. J. Potter, D. Zanato, and M. Vaughan, and to my colleagues, B. K. Ridley, A. Erol, M. C. Arikan, H. Celik, M. Cankurtaran, and E. Tiras, for many useful discussions and for the fruitful collaboration in hot electron research over the last 25 years.


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