The Research and Analysis of Postgraduates’ Condition of Consumption

  • Kai Zhang
Conference paper
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According to the fact that the enrolled postgraduates’ PE consumption is currently under-research, the research is carried out by using questionnaire to survey, aimed at holding an inquiry into the enrolled postgraduates’ consumption about PE in Tianjin, in addition to which there are also the motives, composition, comportment and level of consumption as well as the influencing factors. The survey indicates that the postgraduates manifest a good sense of consumption about PE, of which, however, the irrational composition and a lower level still exist. Besides, the consequence reveal the fact that they consume mainly for exercising and entertaining, simultaneously considering the entitative consumption more superior, and that boys and doctor students lay more emphasis on its function of social communication compared with girls and doctors more demanding about choosing playground, the environment and quality of sports itself.


Tianjin Municipality Enrolled Postgraduates PE Consumption 


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  • Kai Zhang
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  1. 1.Physical Education Department of TianjinUniversity of Technology and EducationTianjinChina

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