Ear, Nasal, and Paranasal Sinuses

  • Francisco de Asís Bravo-RodríguezEmail author
  • Rocío Díaz-Aguilera
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A 41-year-old female presented with right hemifacial tenderness, posterior rhinorrhea, and nasal obstruction, predominantly in the right side. On physical examination, a polypoid mass in the right nasal fossa was found. The antrochoanal polyp (ACP) is a solitary benign tumor that arises from the mucosa of the maxillary antrum. The polyp grows by extension from the antrum through its ostium into the middle meatus and, thereafter, protruding to the posterior choana and nasopharynx causing nasal obstruction. The occurrence of choanal polyps is equally frequent in both males and females and is most common in teenagers and younger patients.


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