Vector Fields, Differential Forms, and Derivatives

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The following results and some of the proofs, can be found in many excellent text books of differential geometry. For example [46] is a very readable and clear textbook with content based on theorems and proofs for geometrical objects in \({\mathbb{R}}^{2,3}\). Shifrin is also an excellent compact and short text rich in applications. For more abstract treatment (I was always puzzled by a book on geometry without any figures) especially on higher than three dimension differentiable manifolds we recommend the classic [158]. At the same level of abstraction, but more focused on specific topics we recommend [306] especially for applications on fiber bundles, [74] for applications concerning vector fields, and [119] for applications towards Lie groups and transformations. In between these levels of approach we also recommend for their wide range of action [19] for a very friendly general treatment of surfaces, or [162] as a very pictorial book on geometry with many applications.


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