A Study on the Basic Social Network Features of City Sports Population in Henan Province

  • Mei-ling Duan
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Resorting to literature, questionnaire, consultation and logical analysis, the author of this paper gives a profound research into the scale, density, heterogeneity and convergence of the basic social network features of city sports population in Henan Province. The results show that its features lie in small scale, deep density, high convergence and low heterogeneity. The study aims to explore the strategy and methods of developing city sports population in Henan province so as to speed up the steps of transforming Henan from a big sports province to a strong sports province.


city sports population social network basic features 


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  • Mei-ling Duan
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  1. 1.Sports Institute Athletics DepartmentZhengzhou Childhood education normal schoolZhengzhouChina

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