Detail-Preserving Rendering of Free Surface Fluid with Lattice Boltzmann

  • Changbo Wang
  • Qiang Zhang
  • Zhuopeng Zhang
  • Peng Yang
  • Zhengdong Xia
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Free surface flows represent a special case in the fluids simulation application. A highly effective method of modeling and rendering based on Lattice Boltzmann Model (LBM) to simulate the fluid with free surface is presented. Firstly, the LBM model with adaptive coarsening grids for free surface flows is adopted to model the fluid volume. And then a new method combined with the Marching Cubes and free surface algorithm is proposed to extract the fluid surface. Adaptive surface tension combining wave particles equation is used to show the details of fluid surface. After that, an external stack mechanism of moving obstacles is used to realize interacting calculation of fluid with environment. Finally, the hardware accelerating technology is successfully adopted to achieve realistic rendering of complex fluid scenes with different free surface, including flush flood, droplet, etc.


Lattice Boltzmann Method Fluid rendering Free surface Details 


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  • Qiang Zhang
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  • Zhuopeng Zhang
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  • Peng Yang
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  • Zhengdong Xia
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