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COROR: A COmposable Rule-Entailment Owl Reasoner for Resource-Constrained Devices

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNPSE,volume 6826)


OWL (Web Ontology Language) reasoning has been extensively studied since its standardization by W3C. While the prevailing research in the OWL reasoning community has targeted faster, larger scale and more expressive OWL reasoners, only a small body of research is focused on OWL reasoning for resource-constrained devices such as mobile phones or sensors. However the ever-increasing application of semantic web technologies in pervasive computing, and the desire to push intelligence towards the edge of the network, emphasizes the need for resource-constrained reasoning. This paper presents COROR a COmposable Rule-entailment Owl Reasoner for resource-constrained devices. What distinguishes this work from related work is the use of two novel reasoner composition algorithms that dynamically dimension a rule-based reasoner at runtime according to the features of the particular semantic application. This reasoner is implemented and evaluated on a resource-constrained sensor platform. Experiments show that the composition algorithms outperform the original non-composable reasoner while retaining the same level of reasoning capability.


  • Composable Reasoner
  • Resource-Constrained Reasoning
  • OWL Reasoning
  • Rule-engine Optimization
  • OWL

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