Use of Hands-Free Mouse for Game Control

  • Moyen Mohammad Mustaquim
Conference paper
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Interaction using gaze is not a new concept. It has been ready to deliver the promises to many people who suffer from severe disability and the only means of communication for them is eye or some muscle movement. The ideas proposed here construct a system that can collect gaze data, studies the oculomotor functions and capture natural human behavior. The hands-free mouse concept here is based on this idea which will provide the user to move the cursor and select object using eye, or any other muscular movement for the operation of game control. The concept of game in this study is, a tool that can help users with special needs doing exercise in an informal way. This can be helpful for patients who are under physiotherapy. A game interface can be used to show progresses of user’s muscle movement using scanning technique challenging the users for advancing certain level while exercising parallel.


Gaze Eye Tracking Inclusive Design Special Need Game 


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