Tree Automata, (Dis-)Equality Constraints and Term Rewriting

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  • Sophie Tison
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6690)


Connections between Tree Automata and Term Rewriting are now well known. Whereas tree automata can be viewed as a subclass of ground rewrite systems, tree automata are successfully used as decision tools in rewriting theory. Furthermore, applications, including rewriting theory, have influenced the definition of new classes of tree automata.

In this talk, we will first present a short and not exhaustive reminder of some fruitful applications of tree automata in rewriting theory. Then, we will focus on extensions of tree automata, specially tree automata with local or/and global (dis-)equality constraints: we will emphasize new results, compare different extensions, and sketch some applications.


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  • Sophie Tison
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  1. 1.University Lille 1, Mostrare project, INRIA Lille Nord-Europe & LIFL (CNRS UMR8022)France

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