The Computer – A Tool That Makes Human Environment: Technosphere

  • Beata Majerska-Palubicka
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 6767)


The 21st-century man spends more than half of his time in the environment of artificial light and technology tools, such as cellular phones, computer, TV, radio etc – they build the contemporary living environment – a technosphere. Therefore, a question should be asked whether the technosphere has not become a “natural environment” for the contemporary man? In this context people’s attitude towards the environment is becoming an even more important issue. It has to be remembered that the natural environment is susceptible to and dependent on human activity, whereas the technical environment/technosphere reflects the intentions present in the process of technology creation. Technology does not have to be controversial in relation to the natural environment. It may become an integral part of the environment as a whole, without a division into a natural and artificial/built environment.

The aim of the publication is therefore to present the role of computers in the process of creating a technosphere which is friendly both for the nature and the human being.


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