Partial Networking in the Electrical Vehicle

  • Steffen Müller
  • Bernd Elend
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When talking about electrical mobility, we mainly think of extending the cruising range of vehicles. Energy management works while driving, charging, or parking. System requirements for e.g. energy saving brings management of control networks to a higher complexity level and results in new and extended requirements for semiconductor devices. These are mainly “selective wake-up capability” to realize Partial Networking (PN) and “longer product lifetime”, e.g. battery charge cycle adds to time of active drive. A PN standard for high-speed CAN physical layer is developed by the SWITCH group, a composition of car makers and semiconductor suppliers and is planned as extension to ISO11898. In networks, featuring PN, electronic control units wake up from sleep mode when a certain wakeup message is detected. Compared to existing ISO 11898-5 conform CAN physical layer products, additional functionality in the transceiver is needed to detect wake-up commands. This has to operate properly in a harsh environment of electrical vehicles (EV).


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