A Service Scenario Based on a Context-Aware Workflow Language in u-Agriculture

  • Yongyun Cho
  • Hyun Yoe
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 151)


In u-agricultural environment based on greenhouses, there are various sensors and network devices. So, it may be more reasonable that the situation information has to be considered for a service in the u-agricultural environment. uWDL and CAWL are workflow languages, which can consider contexts as service transition conditions. So, to get a context-aware service application in any service domain, a developer can directly describe contexts as service execution condition into a scenario written in the languages. In this paper, we propose a service scenario that may reasonably happen at any time in real u-agricultural environment. The suggested service scenario is based on context-aware workflow languages, especially written in uWDL and CAWL. The suggested service scenario will demonstrate how a developer can easily compose a context-aware service application with the workflow languages according to situation information from real u-agricultural environment, and may be adapted to develop various context-aware applications in u-agricultural environment.


context-aware service context-aware workflow languages u-agricultural environment 


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  • Yongyun Cho
    • 1
  • Hyun Yoe
    • 1
  1. 1.Information and Communication EngineeringSunchon National UniversityJeonnamKorea

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