Experimental Reliability and Laboratory Tests

  • Massimo Lazzaroni
  • Loredana Cristaldi
  • Lorenzo Peretto
  • Paola Rinaldi
  • Marcantonio Catelani


Component reliability is often affected by different influencing factors. In particular the operating profile of a component would be taken into account if good reliability predictions are necessary. The operating profile change in according to the type of operation of the component. So, we can have continuous operation or non-continuous operation, such as also sporadic operation. Moreover, storage conditions may be deep impact on reliability of the component when operating. Obviously, environmental factor need to be taken into account also. The environment contributes to both aging and failures during the life of the device or system under consideration would be considered. To this aim, both duration and intensity of environmental stresses should be included in the system operational model. In this chapter, after a brief introduction, the stress factors will be analyzed in 4.2. In 4.3 the component degradation is presented, and in 4.4 a model for aging based on the temperature is deeply discussed. Analysis of failure modes (4.5) and laboratory test are, finally, presented (4.6).


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