Nanocomposites for Tyre Applications

  • Arup K. ChandraEmail author
  • Vivek Bhandari
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 12)


Various developments in polymer nanocomposites and their understanding on application will be a major factor in future to address the emerging requirements from tyre. In this chapter, basic requirements of tyre and introduction to Nanofiller are discussed. The art of getting most of the benefit from nanofiller is lying in converting it into a suitable nanocomposites. Few popular general purpose based nanocomposites and their role in improving critical and conflicting tyre properties are included in the chapter. Polymer/Layered silicate nanocomposites have gained strong momentum in recent years because of the remarkable improvement in material properties compared to conventional micro and macro composites. In this chapter current developments in the field of rubber nanocomposites filled with layered silicates as well as nano calcium carbonate composites for various tyre applications have been addressed. An inclusive attention has been given to the structure and properties of recently developed nanosized rubber (nanoprene) and its potential application for meeting the challenges in tyre.


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Authors would like to express their sincere thanks to the management of Apollo Tyres Ltd. for kind permission to publish this chapter. Authors would also like to express their sincere thanks to their colleagues Mr. Nitya Kunti (Presently working for Phillips Carbon Black Ltd.), Mr. Sanjay Patel and Mr. Tapas Ranjan Mohanty for their valuable support.


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