Theoretical Perspectives on Grammar Learning and Teaching

  • Anna Mystkowska-WiertelakEmail author
  • Mirosław Pawlak
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It seems appropriate to follow the discussion of the results of empirical investigations into the process of the acquisition of L2 grammar that testify to the existence of immutable orders and patterns of development with a presentation of the theoretical positions that provide evidence for both non-interventionist as well as interventionist positions on language learning. The research findings that these investigations led to have served as the basis for the development of various theoretical models that have exerted a significant influence of second and foreign language pedagogy. Second language acquisition (SLA) is a complex phenomenon and although the works of many researchers have provided important insights into the nature of the process, there still remain many areas that require further investigation and deliberation. What makes SLA such a challenging task and interesting field of investigation is the fact that it involves the acquisition of a number of interrelated systems: the system of lexical items together with their forms and functions, as well as the system of syntactic and phonological rules accompanied by the rules on pragmatic use of language.


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