Applying Microsoft Research Technologies to the 4th Paradigm in Scientific Research

  • Daron G. Green
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In part as a recognition of the ’4th Paradigm’ in scientific discovery, in recent years Microsoft Research has steadily increased its interest in the application of computer science tools and technologies to breakthrough science. This has happened in diverse areas of research ranging from astronomy to oceanography, from molecular biology to ’big history’ and from sociology to climatology. The emergence of cloud computing as a viable computing platform is extending our research capabilities and accelerating the rate at which the 4th Paradigm is becoming real for these various disciplines. We have enjoyed some significant successes by improving access to scientific information, for example with Microsoft Research’s Worldwide Telescope, but have also discovered that there are many challenges remaining when one considers the relatively fragmented context within which most science is undertaken. This presentation explores the ways in which Microsoft is enabling changes in the way science is conducted, it will evidence how existing tools can be used and blended with new services, such as cloud computing, to improve the way in which data and information are discovered/shared/visualized and gives lessons learned from our collaborative research engagements associated with realizing our vision for the 4th Paradigm.


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