The History of the Rotterdam Rules

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There are various ways in which the history of the Rotterdam Rules may be narrated. On another occasion I have chosen the technique of following the evolution of the provisions throughout the debate in the UNCITRAL Working Group, indicating the various changes that had taken place and the debates within the Working Group that had given rise to each change. Since it would not have been possible within the time allowed to that for all the provisions, I had selected some of them, including some important definitions. This time I decided instead to report the global progress of the work, starting from the preparatory work done by the CMI and then following the work during each session of the UNCITRAL Working Group. Therefore the main part of this history is organized on the basis of the successive sessions of the Working Group, providing a summary, based on the reports of each session prepared by the Secretariat, of the most relevant issues discussed in each session and of the decisions made. The numbers and titles of the chapters and articles are those of the draft that at any given time was being considered.

I have annexed to my history a list of the States and of the organizations that attended the sessions of the Working Group (Annex I) and the tables of contents of each of the thirteen sessions of the Working Group during which the Draft Instrument was discussed (Annex II).


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