Automatic Traffic Signal Controller for Roads by Exploiting Fuzzy Logic

  • Parveen Jain
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As the number of road users constantly increases and resources provided limited, intelligent traffic signal controller is a very major requirement. Therefore the need arises for simulating and optimizing traffic control algorithms to better accommodate this increasing demand. However, some limitations to the usage of intelligent traffic control exist. Avoiding traffic jams for example is beneficial to both environment and economy like a decrease in each of delay, number of stops, fuel consumption, pollutant emissions, etc., but improved traffic-flow may also lead to an increase in demand Optimization of traffic light switching increases road capacity and traffic flow, and can prevent traffic congestions. The fuzzy controller will regularly query the traffic conditions in order to decide whether to extend or terminate a current phase. The work shows that replacing the conventional traffic control system by fuzzy based traffic control system can considerably reduce traffic congestion delay.


Traffic Controller Optimization Delay Time 


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