Applying a Predictive Approach for QoS Monitoring in Web Service

  • Mahmoud Hossein Zadeh
  • Mir Ali Seyyedi
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 142)


This present paper discuss a new approach aimed a monitoring the Quality of Service(QoS). This paper focuses on a predictive approach (PA) for QoS. QoS monitoring measures quality parameters and present true judgment about quality parameters. By using PA, components decisions would be more intelligent and efficiency, because decisions is taken according to current and future values of quality parameter. By applying PA, some period of time measuring of quality, isn’t required, then monitoring cost is decreasing and consequently Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) overhead. For PA, Neural Network (NN) has been applied. We believe that applying a PA will result optimized, more efficiency an intelligent for SOA.


SOA Web Service QoS Monitoring PA NN 


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  • Mahmoud Hossein Zadeh
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  • Mir Ali Seyyedi
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  1. 1.QomIran

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