In contrast to earlier attempts to map the human agranular frontal cortex (Bailey and von Bonin 1951; Braak 1980; Brodmann 1909; Campbell 1905; Sarkissov et al. 1955; Smith 1907; Vogt and Vogt 1919; von Economo and Koskinas 1925) this approach defines cytoarchitectonic borders in an objective way. This obviates subjective evaluation of differences in the cytoarchitectonic pattern (and all problems related to it) that has so far been the only way to structurally define cortical areas. Since the algorithm detects only “borders” (i.e., significant changes in the cytoarchitectonic pattern), it is then necessary to interpret and classify the entities surrounded by these borders, e.g., by comparing the cytoarchitectonic features of these entities with verbal or pictorial descriptions published in the literature.


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