Ligand Tracer Kinetics: Theory and Application

  • Mark Slifstein
  • W. Gordon Frankle
  • Marc Laruelle


In this chapter we have presented the basic theory underlying the quantitative modeling of neuroreceptor imaging studies using PET and SPECT. Quantitative estimates of receptor parameters that are independent of effects such as clearance and regional cerebral blood flow require fitting data to a mathematical model that takes these factors into account. We have shown how basic models of the relevant physiological processes are combined into a comprehensive compartment model of the time course of the radioligand during a scan. The standard compartment model described in this chapter incorporates transport of ligand into brain tissue and subsequent binding of ligand to receptors into a coupled set of differential equations. Provided that the experimental conditions satisfy the assumptions of the model (tracer dose, constant regional cerebral blood flow and an available receptor population that is unchanged during the course of the scan), outcome measures that are proportional to available receptor density can be estimated. A good understanding of the approximations and assumptions that are incorporated in the models and the relationships between the various components of the measured signal will lead to more insightful interpretation of data obtained using PET and SPECT.


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